Event Loop

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Event Loop (Poisonous Milk Bottle)

An example of the event loop in action is the "Poisonous Milk Bottle" puzzle. In this puzzle, there are 100 bottles of milk, of which one is poisoned. A person is trying to figure out which bottle is poisoned by using a limited number of tests. Each test can only determine if one bottle is poisoned or not.

In this scenario, the event loop would represent the person testing the bottles of milk. The message queue would represent the bottles that need to be tested. The event loop would continuously check the message queue for the next bottle to test, and execute the test. If the bottle is poisoned, the event loop would stop and the puzzle would be solved. If the bottle is not poisoned, the event loop would continue to the next bottle in the message queue until the puzzle is solved.

In JavaScript, the event loop works in a similar way, where it continuously checks the message queue for new tasks, and executes them in order. This allows the browser to handle multiple tasks at the same time, such as user input and network requests, without freezing or crashing.

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